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How do I retune my TV?

How do I retune my TV?

After the temporary mast at Bilsdale is switched on, Freeview TVs will need to be retuned. All you need to do is press ok or retune.

But if yours doesn't do this, you may need to manually start the retune. The process is straightforward. While it may vary slightly depending on which device you have, it usually includes the following steps:

  • Press menu on your box or TV remote control
  • Select set up, installation, update, or a similar option. If you’re asked for a password, the default code is 1234 or 0000.
  • Select first-time installation (sometimes called factory reset, full retune or default settings).
  • Press OK if your equipment asks if it's OK to delete existing channels, then your retune should start automatically.
  • If prompted, save the channels that are found.

Freeview have made some handy videos showing you how to retune your TV. You can see these below:

After retuning

You might find that your channel favourites and scheduled recordings are also deleted after retuning, so you'll need to check and reset them. But any recordings you've made should still be there.

If your set-top box or TV still isn’t working correctly, you may need to clear its memory completely or reboot it. If it still isn’t working, we will be providing further instructions in the coming days to get your TV services back.